Google Places For Business Update

| 30th December 2013

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and are gearing up for New Year! One little job you can do when you’re back is check your Google Places listing – the roll out of the new management interface is well under way!

Don’t forget, you should have a Google Places listing for your business or Google Places For Business as they’re now called, a personal Google+ profile and preferably a business Google+ one too. Oh and don’t forget each of those allows you to set up a Google+ Page for your business – confused?? Then you’re not the only one!!

If you’re like me and set up a Google Places page 5 years ago you’ll find yourself well and truly like the Christmas turkey – STUFFED!!!

My main account still has the old management interface even though what displays is the new page layout and there are certain things I can’t access or change! Looks like I have a job to do when we start back proper – because if you’re thinking you don’t have to bother with Google+ then stay tuned for a blog which shows you that it’s getting more and more important as far as Google rankins are concerned!

Welcome back!!