Google Adwords Management

Just give me Google Ads!

Ok, you may not use those exact words but we tend to find that Google Adwords or more generically Pay Per Click (which you’ll see abbreviated to PPC) is certainly the first port of call for lots of companies interested in Google Advertising and also something that is the last refuge for companies that have fallen foul of Google when it comes to natural or organic traffic.

To be fair, we think that Google Adwords are something that should be used by every company serious about getting visibility online.

If you’re new to Google Adwords and looking for someone to set them up and manage them for you we can help. If you’ve already got them set up already but want your campaigns reviewing and given a “healthcheck” we can help you do that too.

We often hear people say things like “they don’t work”, “I never click on those” or “I tried those once and they cost me a fortune” the truth is, they do work, people do click on them and a lot more than you think and if they have cost you a lot of money I’d venture to suggest it’s because they weren’t set up correctly.

Setting Google ads up in a specific way can make a massive difference in the cost per click that you’ll pay. Take a look at this example from one of our projects.

For the phrase tax mitigation, the Google Keyword Planner estimates you’ll need to pay somewhere in the region of £1.68 per click.

Where we have the campaign set up and structured we are currently paying £0.67, that’s right 67p nearly TWO THIRDS LESS!

We have been involved in Google Adwords campaigns since 2001 and are a Google Engage Partner, we were invited to sit on a Google Partners Focus team so are well placed to give you market leading advice.

How much does it cost?

The simple answer to that is, it depends how much you want to spend on monthly basis and how complicated your campaigns are, but we normally find clients fall into one of the areas below.

Please note, our Google Adwords Pay Per Click monthly management contracts are for a minimum of 6 months.

Monthly Spend
Set Up Fee
Monthly Management Fee
Level 1£0-£250£150£100
Level 2£251-£500£250£150
Level 3£501 - £1000£400£200
Level 4£1001 - £2500£600£300
Level 5£2501+£750£500

Prices exclude VAT