Video SEO & You Tube Optimisation

Why think about video for – SEO?

Video is stated as being the future of online marketing and traffic generation. 

The FACT is: By 2017 over 70% of ALL web traffic will come from video…

…which means if you fail to move with the changing video tide, your online business is likely to drown – I’m sorry but it’s just the way it is…

But the good news is, now there are incredibly easy tools out there that makes video marketing quick, easy, and effective…

If you’ve been putting off creating videos because you thought it was too tricky or complicated or time consuming then think again!

Anyone can create irresistible traffic-pumping content videos, with absolutely ZERO video experience – and in mere minutes!

Different ways of producing videos for the internet

Have you got videos already? Maybe they’re corporate videos, How To Guides, Product Reviews, Service Offerings, Software Demonstrations, the list is almost endless!

If you haven’t, don’t worry, you can get started really easily, you can use your Smart Phone, screengrab software like ClipGrab or something which I’m a big fan of, software so simple  10 year old could pick it up in 5 minutes….you can find out more about it here Easy Peasy Video Producing Software.

Once you have at least one video, this is what to do to create simple content videos that are capable of generating millions of views, killer search engine rankings and torrents of online traffic….!

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