Lead Forensics

  • Visibility: See which businesses visit your website

  • Conversion: Generate new leads and convert to sale 

  • Results: Make your online budget work harder

Lead Forensics provides the market-leading tool for B2B lead generation, created with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by B2B Sales and Marketing teams.

Lead Forensics identifies the anonymous business visitors to your website, and provides you with their contact details, visitor behaviour data and everything you need to create a new, real-time pipeline of leads for your sales and marketing teams.

Key features of the Lead Forensics tool include:

  • Access to full business contact details of your anonymous website visitors
  • Triggered alerts for specific visitor activity on your website
  • Easy lead management – track your sales team performance on contacting and converting your leads
  • A fully customisable dashboard – highlight your hottest prospects immediately

The Lead Forensics software is easily installed by adding a simple tracking code to your website. The data can be instantly accessed through your online portal, or by integrating it with your CRM platform including Salesforce, Oracle, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics.

Lead Forensics Case Study – The Specialist Media Show

The Challenge

The Specialist Media Show, brings together consumer and B2B media businesses to share their experiences of growing media across print, digital media and events. Since the event began over 5 years ago, The Specialist Media Show’s website traffic has grown to around 20,000 visitors a year.  However, they found that only 400 people per year were signing up for the website’s content newsletter – just 2% of the overall website traffic were therefore identifying themselves and their interests.

Historically, the main source of conference bookings for the show was through its email marketing, followed closely by search and social media traffic, but they had no way of tracking and identifying these businesses visiting the site.

In 2012, telemarketing was added to the mix and through calling people that had clicked on emails The Specialist Media Show were able to increase paid delegate attendance by a third

…….the big challenge now was to continue this growth by providing the telemarketing team with an increased number of identified leads.

The Solution

The Specialist Media Show were advised to try Lead Forensics, to identify more visitors to their website and increase the lead pipeline to their telemarketing team. Enabling them to find the contact details of anonymous businesses that had been browsing their site, tracing the user journeys through the site meant that they could really focus on those businesses who demonstrated the greatest purchase intent.

Through using Lead Forensics, they started to identify patterns of visitors coming back to the site multiple times after receiving an email shot, or arrived via social media, search or third party ads – all valuable information for attributing success to campaigns.

The Result

By using Lead Forensics to identify the businesses who were frequently visiting the website, The Specialist Media Show were able to target these prospects through their telemarketing, leading to highly targeted and cost effective activity – increasing conversions, and ensuring that the telemarketing resource was used to deliver the best ROI.

Using the insight of Lead Forensics, these unknown, yet frequent website visitors were also identified and targeted for attendance at the event. Due to this new approach, paid delegate bookings for the conference year to year increased by 19%.

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