Local Market SEO Domination & Regional Visibility

Ok, so you’re a local business and you want to not only have some good local visibility when it comes to SEO but you want to dominate your regional market online!

You can see in the example opposite that one of our clients has done exactly this. 

They not only get good local visibility they also achieve that regionally too.

This level of our service is for clients who have already experimented with Local SEO, have their Google+ page in place for their business but want to do things better, more effectively and get even more local and regional customers.

The approach we take is similar to how we approach any SEO project but with regional visibility there are a few other techniques and strategies we need to put in place.

We start with an analysis phase

  • Look at the many different ways people search Google for the things you do or products you sell!
  • Check out your competition so you know who you’re up against
  • Review your current website to see how it stacks up
  • Look at your website stats if you have Google analytics installed, if not – WHY NOT?? It’s really important!! We’ll help you set it up
  • Look at the things that influence where your website appears like links pointing to your site
  • Make sure your Google+ business profile is full and optimised including getting reviews – you must do this!
  • Review any Google Adwords you’ve run in the past and make sure it’s all ship shape

After this we’ll put some recommendations together to get you more website traffic and more enquiries.

You’ll get a tailored plan specifically for you and your business, a plan that will see you get more enquiries, more customers and more revenue.


Monthly work starts from £500.00 per month depending on your market.

If you’d like to discuss it more fill in the form below or call us on 01302 211 450