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Do Page Titles & Page Descriptions Really Matter in SEO in 2024?

| 19th January 2024

#SEO #SEO for beginners #seo

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Need More Clicks Renews Google Partner Status

| 17th January 2022

#Google #Google Adwords Management #Google My Business #Press Releases #google adwords

Need More Clicks are delighted to announce that they have renewed their Google partner Status

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Needs More Clicks extend Knights tie

| 21st July 2021

#Press Releases #need more clicks #seo doncaster

Based in Doncaster, Need More Clicks help businesses get seen on Google by improving their Google rankings and will be continue to be seen at Castle Park

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Can You DO SEO Yourself?

| 26th October 2020

#SEO #local seo #seo #seo doncaster

Maybe you're asking yourself if you can simply get to the top of Google yourself without asking for help?

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What is SEO in 2020?

| 9th October 2020

#SEO #SEO for beginners #seo #seo doncaster

Are you wondering what great SEO means in 2020? If so, read on. The steps you need to take to optimise your site for the search engines have changed over the years

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Our Latest Client Testimonial for SEO Doncaster Work

| 9th June 2019

#Testimonials #seo doncaster

I don't think there will be enough space on this review to truly describe the work Andy has done over the last 4 or 5 months.

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FREE SEO – What You Can Do Yourself To Get Local Customers!

| 20th March 2019

#Google My Business #SEO for beginners #local seo #seo

Local SEO (Search Engine optimisation) is something that someone who has set up a business doesn’t always know

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Google Adwords Average Position Stat Disappearing

| 4th March 2019

#Google Adwords Management #google adwords

Average position is an interesting metric within Google Adwords campaigns and one which has held a lot of importance for advertisers

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What is Google looking for?

| 2nd August 2018


We’re probably best to first answer the question – What is Google?

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How to be helpful!

| 2nd August 2018


Yes, every business needs a website but have you actually stopped and thought what visitors to your site might be looking for?

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