Google Adwords Average Position Stat Disappearing

| 4th March 2019

google adwords average positonAverage position is an interesting metric within Google Adwords campaigns and one which has held a lot of importance for advertisers and Pay per Click managers alike but for a while now we haven’t felt like it has told the whole story.

Have you notice how many different variations of the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) there are? Not quite every time you search you see a different rendering of the results but it can really seem like it sometimes.

Last week Google announced that September will see Average Position disappearing as a metric that you can use, you can read the announcement here Google Average Position Announcement.

Instead there will be a focus on Impression Share and Top Impression Share among others – for a brilliant article explaining that in more detail click here to see what Wordstream think about it.

So, as with all Google changes it’s time to get familiar with what’s replacing something we’re familiar with!

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