We get most of our work from word of mouth and referrals, most of the time from web designers and marketing consultants.

Why is this?

As far as web designers are concerned, SEO is something they really don’t want to get involved with although if you look at most web designers websites they say that they do. Given web design and SEO are very closely linked this is perfectly understandable, however in conversation it soons become clear that its something they either outsource or would like to outsource.

If you’re a web designer one thing you need to bear in mind is that we don’t do any web design, graphic design, print or anything outside of pure search engine optimisation or internet marketing. In fact, what normally happens is that we generate more work for the incumbent web designer because we’ll develop ideas for different landing pages and page tweaks aimed at increasing conversion for the client.

Similarly with marketing consultants, in our experience, they normally spend time looking at the overall marketing strategy and putting branding and messages in place, but when it comes to delivering specific parts of that plan they look to outsource some of it and in our experience website marketing is one of those areas.

The Answer?

Quite simple really, bring us in and work with us as your online marketing partner.

We’ll meet with the client, with or without you – your choice and we’ll work on delivering an online marketing strategy directly with them. Because you’ve brought us in it looks great for you because your helping the client plus it’s great for the client because they’re getting the best of both worlds, a dedicated web designer or marketing strategist and a specialist SEO or online marketing consultant.

What’s in it for you?

As well as looking like a star in front of your client we’ll pay you a finder’s fee (commission) for bringing us the opportunity on successful sign up of the client.

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