SEO in Doncaster from SEO Company – Need More Clicks

If you’re a business based in Doncaster and you have a website, then at some point you’ll come across the wonderful world of SEO!

Need More Clicks is located near the centre of Doncaster near the home of Doncaster Rovers – the Keepmoat Stadium.

We are easy to find whether you come from central Doncaster or off the M18 via the new Great Yorkshire way, either way, we can be your Doncaster SEO partner.

What is SEO? You can read what SEO Company MOZ think here

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation – Where are you in your journey?

Maybe you’ve had your website built and wonder why you don’t figure in the Google rankings?

It’s likely before you had a website you’d never heard of this thing called SEO?

You may have had a call from an SEO call centre or it may have been mentioned to you by your web designer. This is something which surprises most companies, they expect their web design company to handle SEO as well.

As far as they’re concerned, a nicely designed website should also rank well on Google right? Wrong!

Sure, an nice looking, efficient website is a great place to start, but it’s imperative that you also go to the trouble of telling Google what you want to be found for in the search rankings.

Not only have you got to tell Google what you want to be found for but also…..why.

That’s right, Google has to trust you, without trust your authority or “online footprint” is going to put you behind your competitors, so as well as SEO that you perform on your own website there is a huge amount of things you can do outside of your website to get your higher in the rankings.

In the 10 years since our business has started, not only have we helped countless clients generate more enquiries, leads and revenue we’ve also delivered seminars and training for Doncaster Chamber and various Doncaster based networking groups, you can find a selection of our old slides here

A bit more about Doncaster

Doncaster Rovers is the town’s football team and as I write this are battling to get into the playoff positions in Division 1 of the Football League. They moved from the old Bellevue ground to the new Keepmoat Stadium in 2006

Doncaster is also famous for staging the oldest classic horse race at the increasingly developed Doncaster Racecourse, often reported on by the Doncaster Free Press, the towns oldest newspaper still in circulation, although like a lot of news publications it is mostly viewed online these days.

Other recreational activities found in Doncaster include the amazing Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is well worth a visit, they also recently announced a 3 year £50M expansion plan. Potteric Carr Nature Reserve is the local bird reserve and covers 30 acres.

Where We Cover in Doncaster

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