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We do this by boosting your online visibility in the organic search engine results on the Google Search, Digital Pay Per Click Marketing (Google Adwords primarily), Google Local Maps or remarketing to visitors who have been on your site but who haven’t got in touch yet. Are You searching for a local SEO Doncaster agency?


Is SEO important in 2020?

Although some people may tell you otherwise, search engine optimisation remains incredibly important for businesses in all industry sectors. SEO refers to the process of using various methods to improve search engine rankings. These methods can include speeding up the loading time of your website, creating useful relevant written content, and enhancing the user experience.

Meeting search engine expectations

Professional web developers remain fully up-to-date with the latest algorithms so they know how to keep your site search engine-friendly. A well-executed SEO campaign can give you the visibility you need to stand out from the crowd and encourage customers to purchase your products and services. If you’re not visible enough online, people can’t find you when they need what you’re offering. This is why companies are so eager to get to the top of page one when relevant terms are searched for. The truth is that few people go beyond the first page or two when browsing through their search results.

Serving mobile users

The search engines tend to favour websites that perform well across various devices. This means your site needs to function properly not only on PCs but mobile devices like tablets and phones too. A quality web development company can help you with this. More and more people are carrying out all their searches on mobile devices.

Are keywords still important?

Over the years, search engines have become more and more sophisticated in identifying poor quality content. Keyword stuffing won’t help you rise up the rankings, with Google preferring to see well-written, useful content instead. Keywords are still very important, but they need to be used properly. Long-tail keywords are also more important than ever. This means your content should include the kind of questions, phrases, and sentences people are likely to search for.

Create an exceptional customer experience

Great SEO in 2020 involves providing a quality user experience across your entire site. This means your site needs to look professional and slick throughout. It also needs to provide users with interesting and useful information, including in-depth blogs and articles that help you establish yourself as an industry expert. Professional web developers can also help you improve your search engine rankings by creating quality backlink portfolios, making sure local customers are targeted effectively, and frequently analysing your SEO performance to see if any tweaks are needed.

Think long-term

Quality web developers focus on long-term goals rather than just short-term targets. This helps them get your site to the top of Google and keep it there. The nature of SEO may have evolved, but the concept is far from dead. It’s still incredibly important for companies to rank highly for terms related to their business if they are to prosper. Those that aren’t visible to their target customers risk being left behind by their competitors. Google needs to maintain its reputation as the best service for finding relevant and useful information quickly. This is why it uses various methods to ensure the best and most relevant pages and sites appear at the top of rankings pages.

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