Why Google Shows Different Things To Different People

| 20th January 2012

When I’m seeing clients, where their website appears for certain keywords is always a major part of the conversation, but what a lot of peope dont realise is that your Google position can not only change almost on a daily basis but is pretty much always slightly different depending on who’s doing the search.

Just recently I was looking at a client in 2nd spot for a term while they were seeing their listing in 3rd position.

We’ve known for some time know that Google is trying to personalise what they bring back to you, if over a period of time you click on certain typres of search results, these are the ones they want to bring back to you on an increasing basis.

This is  alink to a great article from our frinds at Search Engine Land who explore this point in a lot more detail, but some of the reasons what we see are different could be any of the following:

  • Personalized search results based on our own search history
  • Influenced search results based on our friends’ search histories
  • Local search results
  • Brand mentions in social media and on web pages
  • Query deserves images, video, products, news or other types of search results
  • Query deserves freshness
  • Query deserves diversity
  • Brand mentions on social media and the web
  • Over 500 algorithm changes a year

To read the full article, go here Search Engine Land