There’s more than one way to skin a cat – The simple truth about your website doing what you want it to -Part 1

| 19th August 2014

Ok, not the most politically correct comment, but you know what I mean, the end result is what’s important not necessarily how you get there.

increasing website conversionI’ve been marketing online for over 10 years in one way or another and through that time I’ve worked with the rules that the search engines dictate, most of the time we mean Google when we say that.

The big G will say one thing and yet you can go and find websites that flagrantly disregard the rules but still seem to do well.

Keyword ranking positions were everything, clients and the rest of us are still very focussed on that but at the end of the day, traffic to your website is what matters. How many come through the door or view your website is the key to your success.

According to a survey last year by the Direct marketing Association, 93% of all B2B buying decisions start online. That’s no surprise, an online search seems the obvious thing to do when you’re looking for information. Try going a few days without doing one, I bet you find it almost impossible – unless you’re hideaway somewhere without access to the internet!

So given people finding your website by whatever means is crucial to your success, those same website visitors need to do what you want them to when they get there. Whether that’s buy, make an enquiry, fill in an online form, whatever, by the way, you do know what the purpose of your website is don’t you? I hope so!

Do you know what the average conversion rate is online? According to Google themselves, 98% of people who visit your website won’t do what you want them to. That’s right, 98%! That leaves a mere 2% of people who convert and give your website a purpose.

So we have 2 important factors here, website traffic, regardless of where that traffic comes from, pay per click, organic ranking, social media or referrals from other websites and the other important piece of the puzzle – conversion.

So, what’s the point of this gentle wander through what makes your online presence a success or not?

It’s this

Let’s say your website gets 2,000 visits a month and converts at the normal rate of 2% that equates to 40 conversions. If your average sale is £500 you’d turnover £20,000 in an average month.

Most business owner’s immediate response is “we need more traffic! And I suppose that reaction makes sense, if I could get 4,000 visits then my turnover would double to £40,000! But doubling your website traffic is not that easy, you can of course pay for it through pay per click or some other means, but that entails more cost upfront and your profit will start to fall.

What can be done? Here’s a radical idea, what if you do more with the website traffic you’ve already got? Rather than be obsessed with getting more visits, convert more of what you currently get.

In the above example, if you could get your conversion rate to a mere 4%, which let’s face it doesn’t sound that difficult, you still achieve the same £40,000 turnover. All you’ve done is move your conversion from 2% to 4%. Imagine if you could treble it? I think you get my point.

If you’re a business to business organisation and you have a website then you need to focus on conversion because ultimately this is what drives your revenue.

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