Small Business SEO - Part 5, Get Content Ideas From Google

| 29th July 2013

We all know that Google likes new, fresh, relevant content, but one of the biggest problems we see within SEO is trying to get that content from the client.

You know what it’s like, normally one person is allocated as the content provider and because it’s not their normal job its something that gets left either to the last minute or not done at all. Then the longer it gets left the less likely it is to get done and the poor website stays looking just like it always has.

We often work with businesses and it’s the MD who wants to keep control so they endeavour to get the content written and that doesn’t work either!

So what’s the solution?

One way round this is to hire a copywriter, we’ve certainly done this for clients in the past and the good ones will research the subject matter thoroughly, talk to you about what your expecting the content to deliver i.e. is it aimed at sales or just information and then write some thing smart and professional or whatever fits with the style you’re looking for.

All well and good if you’ve got budget for  a copywriter, but what if you haven’t? What other options are out there?

What about if you still opted to write it yourself but could make the process easier?

As a small business you may think you don’t have a chance competing with companies much bigger than you but by writing you’re own content you can position yourself as the expert and write engaging useful articles that reader will enjoy and share. After all, why exactly did you go into business? If it’s just for the money then you’ve got  along road ahead of you.

If like most who start a business you love what you do and have a passion to help others then you can definitely stand out from the crowd.

But how do I start?? I can her you ask.

Remember back to the first part of our online SEO guide, you can find it here Small Business SEO – Part 1, we talked about using the Google keyword tool to find out how people searched for your products and services. Well, that same tool can give you great content ideas too.

Remember back to the example we used in Part 1 – Ski boots, well also don’t forget you can download those results in to Excel so you can sort them more easily and also to get a more accurate indication of competition. It will look something like this, notice what we’ve highlighted

content ideas from google keywords

 The highlighted phrases aren’t exactly “buying” words but they definitely show that someone is in research mode and one would expect them to be on their way to making  a purchase.

Given the low amount of competition and the reasonable number of searches, don’t you think it would be worth writing some content as  a blog post or in the case of “ski boots size chart” having a page on your site dedicated to how people get the right size ski boot for them (this would be great in video format), this would be content that potential customers buying ski boots would find really useful.

and best of all, its content that you write based on how people are searching, so it’s targeted, not just thrown together hoping it will drive people to your website!