| 6th January 2012

A New Year calls for a new cure for that post-Christmas sales slump!

January can often be the worst time of year for businesses, as consumers tighten their post-Christmas purse strings. It doesn’t have to be though. All that needs to be done is resolving to make a new best friend with someone in 2012 – Google.

Andy Roberts Need More Clicks“Businesses face their toughest period in January, and the 16th has even been called the most depressing day of the year by officially being christened Blue Monday!” says Andy Roberts, Managing Director of Doncaster based company Need More Clicks.

“It can be the perfect time though to take a look at your business, and check if it’s harnessing the most powerful tool out there at its fingertips to boost sales – the internet. With over a quarter of adults and nearly half of all teens now owning a smartphone, it’s crucial that they start asking themselves the simple question: does Google actually know what I do?”

With Google just confirming the iPhone 5 as the fifth most searched for news term in 2011 before it’s even been released, Doncaster/Goole/Sheffield based facilities management company Rejus Ltd., knows all too well how making best buds with the internet can help.

“Before we started working with Need More Clicks, we got our sales leads from more traditional means and although we had a website, we weren’t fully harnessing the power of it to drive enquiries,” explains Mat Lynds, Managing Director of Rejus Ltd.

Matt Lynds Rejus Ltd“I must admit that I was totally sceptical about search engine optimisation and had no faith in it whatsoever, so started working with Andy very tentatively indeed,” he continues.

After performing an initial analysis, optimising their website, setting up Google places and implementing a monthly management plan though, Need More Clicks transformed the business and they now have fifty-five employees.

“Andy has been working on our SEO for eighteen months and as a result, we’re seeing more and more enquiries from the internet. We’ll certainly be working with him in the future – I only wish I’d embraced SEO as part of our marketing strategy right at the very beginning and not wasted months of lost sales!” concludes Mat.

As businesses look to 2012 and how to boost sales, Andy can’t stress enough how simple yet how often avoided, tapping into the capabilities of the internet is by businesses.

“Most companies spend time on either merchandising their shop or paying for a slick looking website, but relatively few actually take the time and trouble to make sure they appear on Google’s search rankings,” he says.

“It can be daunting if you’re not very internet savvy and that’s where companies like Need More Clicks can help by gaining more visibility for your business online, driving more visitors to your website and ultimately increasing enquiries. The simplest and best bit of advice I can give for businesses going into the New Year, is to make the resolution that if Google doesn’t know what you do now, then in 2012 it will!”

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