New Policies For Google Adwords

| 1st September 2014

If you run Google Adwords then you need to be aware that Google has announced changes in its policies and procedures governing ad quality, where and what you can and can’t advertise – you know the kind of thing.

You’ll notice a new announcement in your notifications and if you’re now breaching one of the policies you can find out by going to the Ads tab in your campaign.

Once there, click the Columns option and click to add the Policy Details to your dashboard.

google adword policies approved limitedAs in this example, the first thing you’ll notice is that your Ads may be approved but with limitations, shown here as Approved (Limited).

Without enabling or adding the Policy Detail column to your dashboard you may still be in the dark but with that in place, you should now have a steer on what’s wrong. In this example Google is saying that the website has rendering problems on mobile devices and so the “limited” bit means that google adword policy rendering issuesthese Ads are not being shown on mobile devices which is a major drawback given this services is for people out and about!!

So check your Adwords campaigns and make sure they’re still up and running without any issues, there is help available from Google, we found this piece of advice from Google about rendering issues