In a rush with your SEO? Slow & steady wins the race! Think Goldilocks!

| 22nd April 2012

hat’s right just like the hare and the tortoise! Google’s much heralded “Over SEO’d” penalty should be starting to kick in soon, so don’t be tempted just to get lots and lots of quick spammy links, slow and steady definitely wins the race. It’s no coincidence that the web sites we’ve been working on the longest are the ones whic rank the best!

To use another children’s story, what you really want is Goldilocks SEO – yep, that’s right Goldilocks. Not too hot, not too cold but just right! Have a look at the following Infographic which I think spells it out perfectly. You can visit the main site and read the whole story by following the link at the bottom of the image.

slow and steady SEO wins the race