How To Optimise Web Pages With Forms

| 24th January 2012

Nearly all websites have forms somewhere normally on a “Contact Us” page but more often than not on each page even if just a very short one to capture Name, Email and maybe Phone Number.

The rule of thumb when to comes to trying to record the contact information of visitors to the site, is make easy for them to get in touch, give them lots of different options and once you have their precious contact details treat them with respect and don’t spam them.

Mona Elesseily – Search engine Land contributor put together a synopsis from years of landing page optimisation and contact form analysis with some major do’s and don’ts.

If you manage  a website either for yourself or on behalf of  a client, then you have to read this.

Major take aways are:

1.  Include A Privacy Line

2.  Go For Fewer Form Elements

3.  Take Up Less Space With Form Fields

4.  Use Optional Form Fields

5. Try A Two-Page Lead Form

6.  Include A Lead Form Above The Fold

7.  Use Compelling Words On Submit Buttons

8. Design Buttons That Convert

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