How to be helpful!

| 2nd August 2018

What are people coming to your website for?

Yes, every business needs a website but have you actually stopped and thought what visitors to your site might be looking for?

As we mentioned in another part of this site, Google is all about relevancy. Keep a website up to date, with useful information, that people want to read and are going to find useful and you’ll find that Google rewards your website with generally higher rankings over time. If people genuinely find your content useful then they also have the option to share it with their social networks using any of the well known social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

All of this then allows you to be positoned as the expert in the field for your particular subject or area.

Something else you may want to think about are 7 Step Guides and videos.

People like guides, especially if they’re free to download and useful. Write a simple guide explaining how to do something related to what you do and show people your expertise and your credibility, if they are genuinely interested and you’ve given them genuine advice then you put yourself in with a chance of them coming back to you at some stage.

Videos are really useful, one as a search engine in their own right and two, becasue we’re all used to watching short 3-4 minute video clips, use them as a way of demonstrating what you do and again your knowledge.

For example, in this video, Julian Moorhouse from metres To Miles (great specialist running shop by the way talks you through what you should be looking for when you’re choosing cross country running spikes, it just so happens he sells them of course but at least you’re getting some really valuable advice.