Have you P-P-P-P-Picked Up A Penguin???

| 8th May 2012

Google likes its animals doesn’t it? Pandas and now penguins!
Not that it’s starting a zoo or anything, these are names of the last 2 major updates to the famous Google algorithm, the software that visits, evaluates and indexes the web pages that make up the internet.

Any lots of people, especially in the SEO community have been up in arms about the latest “Penguin” update.

It seems that Google has sought to penalise websites that have too many keyword based links pointing at them. We all know that backlinks are good for a website, but Google reckons that if you have too many of the wrong sought then it’s definitely a bad thing.

Which puts us in an interesting position. You see, as an SEO agency, we work with clients to get them more visibility online but at the same time we also run our own projects which puts us in a great position to trial new ways of working and in situations like this look at what we can do if a website is hit by one of the Google updates.

One of our sites, one which I’ve talked about in these pages before has gone from being consistently Number 2 on page 1, to halfway down page 2. Maybe because it has too many keyword based links or maybe by the fact this is compounded by the fact that it has  a keyword rich domain name too?

Anyway, over the coming weeks I’ll be looking at ways to address the current situation and report back here!