Google rankings of one of our websites

| 3rd February 2012

ornamental grasses logoIn 2010 we launched Ornamental Grasses Online ( to sell, well yes, Ornamental Grasses. Not that we expected to become another Alan Titchmarsh or anything it was more because we found  a niche and wanted to show our clients that one of the reasons they should work with us is because we still work on our own projects, spend time and money on them and most importantly get the ranking in Google.

This is a screenshot showing the performance of the website for the term ornamental grasses over the time the site has been around

getting ornamental grasses to the top of google

At the moment we’re number 2, only behind the RHS (The Royal Horticultural Society) which I think is pretty good!

You may say that progress has been slow and steady but this is the best way online.

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