Getting Our Clients To The Top Of Google

| 3rd January 2012

If you’ve spent any time working on your website’s performance you’ll know that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not straight forward.

Google changes its algorithm (the way it ranks websites) pretty much constantly, they reckon around 580 times a year, so keeping up to date with all those changes is not easy, you also need to have the time to keep your website updated and the content fresh as well as keeping your eye on what your competitors are doing. Stop working on your website and they’ll soon overtake you.

We’ve been working on a specific service over the past few months, aimed at getting our local clients more visibility and we’re seeing some great results. Remember, there are lots of variables involved and you’ll find that your position changes slightly, sometimes because of the ‘personalisation’ Google tries to put into the search results it brings back, but some of our clients are getting some great results at the moment.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting some screenshots below of searches I did yesterday (2nd January 2012). You’ll see adverts known as Google Adwords then the natural or organic listings where most people click.

If you’d like to know how we can help you or you’re interested in our Google Places SEO service then get in touch on 01302 515 335 or email us on

For Rejus Ltd we work on their ‘office cleaning doncaster’ searches and they’re currently 1 &2

getting rejus to the top of google

For the Grand St Leger Hotel we work on their ‘hotel doncaster’ searches

Grand st leger hotel at the top of google

and of course, we work on our own website and blog site performance

need more clicks at the top of google for seo doncaster