Link building can mean many different things to different people.

Essentially what we’re talking about is other websites that link to you. To be totally honest this is a massive subject and I’ll continually come back and update this page, so it’ll be worth coming back.

Let’s look at why every SEO expert you’ve spoken to mentions it.

Google counts links to your website as an indicator of how important your website is. Generally speaking it sees each link as a referral for your website, I suppose the best way of thinking about this is, why would a website link to you if you weren’t a good, professional, credible site? Well, one quick answer to this is that you can buy links, a bit like buying friends, and a bit like buying friends, the links you buy won’t be worth that much. However, despite what Google says bought links can have an effect on your position in the search engines. But as we’ve mentioned on here in other places, everything in SEO is relative.

One of the main things regarding links in this respect is if your competition has more links from websites of a higher Page Rank (PR = Google’s way of ranking a web pages authority and importance on the web) then naturally they’ll have a better rank in the search results.

Look at it this way, if you asked a question about car emissions down the pub and the bloke at the bar tells you one thing, yet it just so happens in the pub there’s someone who works for the Department Of Transport who is an independent tester of car emissions – who’s opinion are you going to believe most? Sure, the guy at the bar has an opinion and it counts for something but the view from the independent tester counts far more, and so it is with links.

The better the authority the site they come from the more they count and if you remember that then you won’t go far wrong.

Authority links count more, but they’ll also take longer to get.

Then we need to talk about the different types of link you can get. Sure, you probably think all links are the same, surely a link is just a bit of code i.e.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>SEO Courses</a>

This results in:

SEO Courses

But links can come from a number of sources. You can get them in online business directories, web directories, links from other general websites, links from social media sites, links within articles, links from blogs, your own blog or from other blogs if you’re guest blogger, from forums, online adverts……….etc etc, you get my point, there’s almost a never ending source of them.

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to buy them from unscrupulous vendors on the web. You’ve all had the emails offering you this that and the other as far as links are concerned our view would be to look at the whole link building issue as a whole.

What are you trying to get out of it? Naturally everyone says “higher rankings” becasue Google likes links so the more I’ve got the better my ranking will be and the more clicks I’ll get because the higher I rank the more clicks I get. This is true, but if your sector is very competitive, you’ll need to build an awful lot of links, so think about other avenues, other ways of driving traffic to your website as well as just link building.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, I’ll come back to this subject as well as write some blogs about it because its never ending!